About Us

Show Girls is a networking group of Chicago women actors, primarily over the age of 50, who collectively conceived and produced What Did Clyde Hide?, a six-part web series.

The veteran group was founded in 2016 on Facebook by film actor Sandy Gulliver to support member projects, share industry information and organize theater parties for each other’s performances.

In April, when in-person gatherings were no longer possible, Show Girls began meeting via Zoom. It was on a July call where the idea for the web series began.

Faced with a lack of theater and film projects due to COVID-19, the women decided to create a project of their own. Each developed her own character, backstory and monologue, which the writing team then drew upon to craft a script.

Today Show Girls, an invitation-only Facebook group, has some 80 members and looks forward to developing additional creative projects.

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What Did Clyde Hide? is being entered in film festivals! We'll keep you updated here!